About Seegene

Working in the lab

We see differently

We are Seegene, a global molecular diagnostics company based in South Korea. We provide a total solution for healthcare providers through our unique, patented technology that combines high multiplex diagnostic assays with fast automatic testing systems. Our full panel syndromic PCR assays test multiple pathogens accurately and quantitatively in a single run without the need for additional analysis.

We tirelessly pursue innovation and take on new challenges to build a healthier future for everyone.

Unlocking the potential of molecular diagnostics

As a single company, we can’t meet these new challenges alone. Through our Open Innovation Program, and in partnership with Springer Nature, we look to collaborate with researchers to perform clinical studies to greatly expand the number of diagnostic tests available.     

In the future, our OneSystemTM Business initiative will make our proprietary PCR technologies, resources, and know-how available and open to global partners* who are willing to develop new PCR assays. The Seegene OneSystemTM Business partner enables experts around the world to develop affordable and accessible products that address local needs. 

The vision of our OneSystem™ Business is to take a step closer to a world free from all diseases and future pandemics through the early syndromic PCR diagnosis in all fields.

* Partners: one nationally reputable company in each country will be partnered to develop and manufacture customized syndromic PCR assays locally.

Seegene OneSystem™ for All Syndromic Assays

Seegene OneSystem™: All-in-One System at any scale can run all kinds of PCR assays(Including human and non-human)

Seegene OneSystem™:
All-in-One System at any scale can run all kinds of PCR assays
(Including human and non-human)

Seegene OneSystemTM enables all kinds of PCR assays to be run in Seegene’s automated instrument, called ‘All-In-One System’ (AIOS). Eventually, all these assays can be also run in any scale of future AIOS.